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Scope of Family Law

Scope of Family Law. Family law can be interpreted as a complete rule or rules relating to the laws relating to kinship and kinship due to marriage (marriage, parental authority, guardianship, trustworthiness, the ability not present).

Blood kinship is a family-owned by several people who have the same nobility. Kinship because of marriage is a related family-owned by marriage between family and blood from the family.

Scope of Family Law

Scope of Family Law



Actually, what can prove the child origin is only a valid birth certificate. Who issues this certificate is the authorized official”. When the certificate of the birth does not exist, then, a determination about the child’s origin can be issued by the Court. Upon the court establishment, the Birth Registrar can issue a certificate of birth to the child. A child born out of wedlock only has a civil relationship with his mother and his mother’s family.


Parental power

All children who are under 21 years old or have not been married before are under the authority of their parents. This means that when the child is still immature, the parents have the obligation of alimentation, namely the obligation to care for, educate, provide a living until the children are adults, or are married. On the other hand, the child is also obliged to obey the parents and if the child is married, he is obliged to help the economy of parents who are unable to go straight up.

Scope of Family Law

Scope of Family Law


Basically, orphans or children who are not dependent on parents ask for help and maintenance. Because it needs to be appointed guardian, namely the parent or foundation that will take care of the child’s legal needs and interests.

The judge usually appoints a guardian who is still the closest blood relative to the child, or the father of the child who for some reason is considered capable of marriages for it. However, the judge can also appoint a person or association such as a foundation as a trustee.


Maturity is a statement that someone who has not reached adulthood or certain things is an equal or legal status with an adult. For example, in the matter of managing a company, such maturity can be granted by a court decision for an 18-year-old.


People who need to be put under surveillance or supervision are people who are adults but cannot take care of their own interests properly. Such people, for example:

  • People with memory problems.
  • Power weak people.

People who are not able to take care of their own interests properly. For example, people who often interfere with the security or misbehave.

People put under authority are usually asked by husband or wife, blood relatives, or prosecutors. In the case of a weak person, the justification for asking for supervision is the person concerned. The curator, or the ability to be determined by the judge by appointing a husband or wife or other persons. Outside the family or association and accompanied by supervisors, namely the inheritance hall. The ability for that person ends when the reasons for the inclusion of someone under supervision are gone.


One very important part of Family Law is Marriage Law.

  1. Marriage law

Marriage law is the overall regulations relating to marriage.

  1. The law of wealth

Wealth Law in Marriage is the whole regulations relating to the assets of husband and wife in marriage.

Well, those are brief explanations about family law. May it be useful!

Which Criminal Defense Will You Use?

Which Criminal Defense Will You Use?. Let’s talk about criminal defense! When you are accused of doing bad things such as a crime. you may be even asked to come to court. In this case, someone accused is actually called as a defendant. When you are a defendant, you may cooperate with your attorney or criminal to establish or make the criminal defense. It is exactly for preventing a verdict of guilty.

Then, what is actually criminal defense? It is actually a strategic argument in which it tries to dare the sufficiency and validity related to the evidence of prosecutions. Then, what is the prosecution? It is exactly the party that tries to prove and show that charges of crimes against you are perfectly right.

Which Criminal Defense

Which Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense of Affirmative

Most criminal defenses commonly try to strike the evidence of prosecutions down by proving that it is not right at all. But, not all criminal defenses do that. Sometimes, defense receives the evidence of prosecutions as the right prosecution. This kind of defense usually is known as a defense of affirmative.

The defense of affirmative request that criminal evidence and the defendant creates the evidence for supporting the defense.

Which Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

As an example, you are being charged doing dangerous and top murder at the first degree. This kind of murder is that a murder has been planned well before. You may ask help from your attorney to make an alibi witness. It is exactly a person who is ready to testify that you never do the crime which has been alleged to you. In this situation, the alibi is called a defense.

You and also the attorney of yours may choose one of the defense types. But, it depends on a crime in which it is accused of, and also available evidence is given to you.

The Defense of  Insanity 

The movies and shows of television have made this kind of criminal defense popular. But, not all defendants frequently use this defense and even it is not always successful. This defense of insanity assumes that you have done an alleged crime but you never know that everything you have done is wrong.

Which Criminal Defense

The Defense of  Insanity 

To use this kind of defense successfully, you should have a defect or dangerous mental illness when the crime is being done. You and also the attorney of yours should give convincing and also clear evidence that defect or mental illness really attacks you and the defect or mental illness you have makes you not realize that what you have acted is totally wrong.

It will be a risk if you rely on this kind of defense. If you decide to use it, it means that you have admitted that you really do the crime. Then, if your defense of insanity is rejected by the jury, you will be assumed that you are guilty. So, you had better talk with the lawyer or criminal to consult it before you really use this.

Duress and Coercion 

Duress and coercion is basically an affirmative defense of the criminal in which it states that you have been forced to do such crime because the unlawful force has been used to threaten you. This force should not always occur. For satisfying the defense of coercion, it is enough with the unlawful force threat only.

The threat of force or even force should not always be threatened to the one having been accused of doing a crime. It means that it can be used to threaten the other individuals, including the member of the family.

The defense of duress and coercion cannot be done if. You have been at a condition that creates duress because of the reckless actions of yours. For example, you have done a lot of drugs. Then, this case leads to the unlawful force attacking you and then you are led to do the other crimes like a robbery. You can not successfully use this kind of criminal defense.

Well, there are actually many kinds of criminal defense. Remember, choose the criminal defense based on a crime having charged against you and also the evidence that you have had.

Tips on How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense, Family Law Attorneys

Tips on How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense, Family Law Attorneys. Looking for the best criminal defense, family law attorneys can be quite a challenging task. Unfortunately, it is one of the most important things for you to do. We do not have to remind you that finding a great attorney is very important if you are facing a criminal charge. The same goes for when you are facing a family case in court. Representation matters a lot when you are facing the court.

That being said, you should not worry about how to get yourself a great attorney. We are going to give you some tips that we think will be very useful to you. Here are some things that you need to consider when you are trying to hire a criminal defense or a family law attorney.

Tips on How to Hire

Tips on How to Hire

Find Someone Who Is Experienced

This is the most obvious thing that you need to see when you are trying to find an attorney. Whether you want to find a criminal defense or law attorney, you need to have someone experienced representing you. An experienced attorney will help you win your case with a better chance.

You should also consider finding someone who is experienced in the local courts. An attorney who is experienced in the local courts will have connections that might be useful in your case. That is why this is something that you have to consider.

Tips on How to Hire

Someone Who Is Experienced

A Responsive Attorney is a Great Attorney

Criminal defense, family law, or any other type of case are all important. That is why you need to find an attorney who has certain qualities that show how serious they are. One of the best qualities that you need to look for in an attorney is their responsiveness.

If you are faced with a criminal charge, then time is the most important thing. That is why you need to find someone who will respond to you right away, whether you are calling or emailing them. They will also probably work on your case right away, which will give you a great start.

Tips on How to Hire

Responsive Attorney

Find a Specialized Attorney

There are so many different types of courts. Each of them will process their cases differently, allowing them to make different decisions in the end. A criminal defense court will not process cases the same way a family law court does. That is why you need to find an attorney who specializes in the type of case that you are bringing to court.

An attorney who specializes in criminal defense will surely be more pro on handling criminal charges than an attorney who specializes in family law. You can find out what type of attorney they are by visiting their website. You can usually find all of the information that you need there.


If you are faced with the court, then you need to get yourself an attorney. However, you should not hire just any attorney. With the help of our tips, you can hire the best criminal defense, family law, or any type of attorney that you can think of.

The Difference Between Criminal Defense, Family Law: Criminal Vs. Family Court

The Difference Between Criminal Defense, Family Law: Criminal Vs. Family Court. Are you still trying to understand criminal defense, family law, and what makes their courts different? Courts are a complicated business, especially if you have no basic knowledge about them whatsoever. However, they are also important for you to know. You do not know when you might be heading into court and it is best to always be prepared.

What is Criminal Defense?

Before we talk about criminal court vs. family court, let’s start with the basics. To truly understand the criminal court, then you need to know about criminal defense. Criminal defense is defined as a strategic argument that is intended to challenge prosecutions. If someone is prosecuted for something, they have a right to be defended by a criminal defense attorney. A prosecutor is a third party that attempts to prove criminal charges that are held against you.

The Difference Between

Criminal Defense

What is Family Law?

The next thing that we are going to talk about is family law. If the criminal defense is a part of the law that takes care of criminal charges, family law is a practice that involves family relationships. Things such as adoption, child custody, and divorce are included in family law. Family law attorneys are people who work for a client who is having a problem in their family. A family law attorney will make negotiations for the client.

The Difference Between

family law

Criminal Vs. Family Court

Now that you know about criminal defense, family law, and each of their definitions, let’s talk about the differences between the two. You might think that every type of court will make the same decisions when faced with certain types of problems. However, this is not the case at all.

A family court will not make the same decisions as a criminal court. Why? Simply because they process cases differently. A really good example of a case that will be treated differently in each court is a domestic abuse case.

The Difference Between

The Difference Between

Domestic abuse is a case that overlaps between criminal and family court. The system of a family court was not designed to deal with domestic abuse and its criminal implications. That is why trusting a family court for a domestic abuse case might not be too good for the victim.

A domestic abuse victim in a family court will not be able to have protection, making them quite vulnerable. If a domestic abuse victim goes into a criminal court for their case, then they will get the protection that they might need. In the family court, the alleged abuser might be able to turn the court to the victim since they can put forth their allegations. However, in a criminal court, the alleged abuser can only defend themselves from the prosecution. This gives the victim protection from being accused. This is a good example of the difference between criminal and family court.


Law is a tricky thing, especially if you do not know anything about it. Hopefully, we have managed to give you knowledge about criminal defense, family law, and what makes them completely different.

4 Allowed Things to Do in Criminal Defense

4 Allowed Things to Do in Criminal Defense. Criminal cases potentially appear everywhere. Sometimes, the people will do criminal defense to protect themselves from the punishment. Some common criminal defenses apply to some criminal cases. You can see the following criminal defenses that you should learn. Those are possibly allowed in protecting you from law punishment.


If accidents happen, you must be grateful for it. Some states allow and admit it. Then, it forgives you with the prediction of criminal actions. If you don’t do it deliberately and do criminal cases, you are not responsible for criminal punishment. However, in some accident cases, the prosecutor still can submit demands if it seems that you act deliberately or criminally. A simple thing is that negligence happens when you fail to be a wise person. The state defines criminal negligence to be the careless acting. It doesn’t matter that the car accident due to street race or drunken driving is. While you are not acting carelessly and motivated to criminal cases, you don’t need to be responsible.

4 Allowed Things to Do



Alibi is working for criminal defense. It is derived from the Latin language meant to be another place. If you are demanded to do crimes but you don’t do it and you are at another place. You have an alibi to criminal defense. If you strengthen your alibi with the evidences,  CCTV camera, judi bola, credit card receipt, and many more. It is helpful to deny the assumption that you are the perpetrator. For example, police caught you due to the robbery case of the gas station last night. They catch you because you are suitably described to the given officer of the gas station. However, you are at the family reunion in Oakland. Then, you show the reunion photos and have an airplane ticket showing that you are flying there on Saturday morning.

4 Allowed Things to Do


Forced Confession 

The police are unable to use arrogant steps to force the deliberately forced confession. The interrogation tactics cannot be asking you all the time though you are having a lawyer, stealing your food or sleeping time, and hitting your body. This tactic is very arrogant so that it is shown by a study. If you don’t show that the police force you, you will be lost in court. You must be careful about this criminal defense.

4 Allowed Things to Do

4 Allowed Things to Do


If you do a criminal action because your life is dangerous, the state’s law usually forgives your criminal action. Duress forgives your criminal mistake when you only do criminal action due to the treat of the others or actions treating you to do it. However, there is a mistake that cannot be forgiven where you kill someone. You cannot kill someone to save your life except for self-defense. However, if you do the criminal actions due to duress and you are not deliberately killing someone during that criminal commission. The rules of criminal cases cannot be applicable. It means that you are not automatically responsible for criminal murder. Those are some things that you can do for criminal defense.

A Lawyer Career – Pros and Cons of Being a Family Lawyer

A Lawyer Career – Pros and Cons of Being a Family Lawyer. Being a lawyer might be one of the most popular careers across the industry from time to time. However, there are several types of lawyers available. Before becoming one, you need to complete a series of processes to meet the qualifications.

Meanwhile, if you want to be a family lawyer, there might be several things you need to acknowledge. This article will show you the pros and cons of being a family lawyer in general. Also, your client will talk to you about a super sensitive family issue.

A Lawyer Career – Pros

A Lawyer Career – Hotman paris hutapea

The pros of being a family lawyer

#1 Referrals

According to data, it is not complicated to find clients since many people you know may get a divorce. As long as you did a good job, clients will come along the way. Other than that, when family clients have entrusted the most important concerns to you, it commonly means that you will be in charge of other legal matters as well. So, you may build a referral network by sending out cases out of your practice to other lawyers.

A Lawyer Career – Pros

A Lawyer Career – Pros

#2 Career satisfaction

Career satisfaction may come in many ways. The highest valued points are such as money, community recognition, peer approval, or simply doing good. Meanwhile, being a family law will allow you to get these things as rewards.

A family attorney can make money let’s say USD 400 per house while the peer approval is also high. Keep in mind that peer approval is essential to survive in the industry. On the other hand, you can do good by helping families to get over a divorce peacefully.

A Lawyer Career – Pros

A Lawyer Career – Pros

#3 Practice variety

According to family lawyers, this specialization made them enjoy the practice variety. Their practice could be as general as criminal law, property law, probate, or even constitutional law. Of course, it would be a long way but it is pretty satisfying.

The cons of being a family lawyer

#1 Stressful

Stressful is such a thing that would be experienced by everyone in every type of field. However, a family lawyer tends to be more stressful compared to other types of lawyers because the family issues could bring up some unnecessary emotions. Until today, many family issues have turned into criminal issues and some of them included family law attorney murder cases.

#2 Emotional

Being a family lawyer may bring you to tons of persona issues in a family. This has a lot to do with the biggest life choice of a person. It sounds so empathetic while, on the other hand, it should be done professionally yet objectively. One of your clients, or more, could break down in tears right in front of your face.

#3 Addiction

The addiction depends on the attorney after all. It is important to note that addiction may lead to the ability of a lawyer to practice. So, in case you still want to stay strong in the family law business, you should be nice to yourself in the first place.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney – Tips to Hire the Best

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney – Tips to Hire the Best. In case you or your loved ones are facing criminal charges or being arrested for criminal issues, you need to hire an attorney. However, it cannot be just an attorney because all you need is a criminal defense attorney.

The next thing you know is the number of attorneys in the criminal defense part might be many. Of course, you need to hire the best one to take care of the legal matters related to the criminal charges.

In this article, we have several essential tips for those who need a criminal defense attorney but had no idea where to start.

Hiring a Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

The Best Criminal Defense Attorney should be Responsive

The first thing that should be presented in an attorney is the responsiveness. An attorney is important to be responsive since time lost is touted as a case lost. How do you know if an attorney is responsive?

Well, when you call the attorney, he or she should give a response quickly. The team would also arrange a meeting right away, even on the same day. If the lawyer answers your email or phone call pretty quickly, they will defend you excellently.

Hiring a Criminal Defense

Defense Attorney

Specializes in Criminal Law

Since you are going to hire a professional for a criminal charge, the attorney must have a specialization in criminal law as well. Why is it important? Every law field has a unique environment.

If an attorney or lawyer has been familiarized with the regular environment of criminal law, the attorney will stay updated with anything happen in this field. On the other hand, that leads to the best possible defense a client could get.

Hiring a Criminal Defense

Hiring a Criminal Defense

Locally known

When it comes to looking for a qualified criminal attorney, it is important to check the track record of the lawyer. It would be much better if the attorney has an excellent track record in the local courts.

Defending a person from a criminal charge would need local relationships and connections. It is such a winning strategy at if the attorney understands how the nature of local courts and judges in and out.


We cannot deny that reputation is an important aspect of this case. The good news is that now you can learn everything about an attorney and law firm on the internet. On the other hand, if you are looking for a qualified yet reputable law firm or attorney, you can check the State Bar of the area you are getting charged.

This will show you information about the attorney’s record in case formal discipline has been written. Of course, this can be a way to start your journey of looking for the best criminal defense lawyer. However, it is not the finish line.

A clear fee structures

Money is the next thing you want to take a look before hiring an attorney in criminal defense. A good one will explain a clear yet simple term along with the service you would get. It does not mean that the least expensive is not good enough. But make sure your criminal defense attorney knows best and avoid confusion.

Reasons Why Hire Lawyers to Deal with Family Law Matters

Family law is a broad range of legal topics involving family relationships such as marriage and children. It may sound simple but the subjects are broad to the point you will need lawyers to deal with it if you are involved in a family law case. The subjects of family law include divorce, child custody and visitation rights, spousal support/alimony, child support payments, etc. There is also family law that deals with children specifically such as guardianship, adoption, domestic violence, state child protection, etc.

family law

family law

Do you need to hire lawyers to deal with family law matters?

The answer to the question is yes. It is because family law issues can be one of the most contentious legal dispute. Besides, it can be very confusing when it comes to the Court process and legal provisions. Consulting a professional lawyer and can help you to understand more about everything regarding to your case. You will understand more your own rights. Lawyers can also help protect your interests.

For your information, there is family law mediation or family mediation in family law. It is a method used to resolve family dispute. Therefore, the case doesn’t have to go to the Court. In family mediation, third party is needed as neutral mediator. Thus, the two parties can smooth out their differences and reach agreements on various points of contention. Family mediation is needed because it can help preventing from time and cost wasting related to the trial process.

family law

family law

When family law matter happen to your family and there is dispute between members of the family, you will need to hire lawyers to represent you. As mentioned before that family law is a broad range of law and you may not be knowledgeable or capable enough to deal with the things regarding to it including the paperwork, agreement, petition, etc. By hiring lawyers, you can also let them represent you if the case goes to the Court. Thus, you don’t have to represent yourself and deal with it helplessly.

Hiring professional and experienced lawyers is important to help you deal with family law matters. In fact, it is more recommended to hire a lawyers specialized in particular case you are involved in. for example, you hire lawyers specialized in children if you are dealing with adoption, guardianship, domestic violence, etc. This will help the case to be solved more efficiently in time and money wise when you hire lawyers with particular specialties.

Attorneys for Criminal Defense and Family Law Matters

It is not impossible for you to get involved in criminal defense or family law matters. It is possible that you are charged or sued with crimes even if you think you are not at fault. Family law matters are also something familiar and highly possible to happen including divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and many more. To deal with those matters, you need the help from professional who know exactly what to do.

Attorneys are the right person you need to go to when you have to deal with criminal defense and family law matters. They are not only knowledgeable from, however because they attend law schools. They also have license and are qualified to represent client in legal courts.

Attorneys for Criminal Defense

Attorneys for Criminal Defense

What attorneys can do for you?

No matter how smart or educated you are, it will be such a challenging thing to represent yourself when you have to deal with criminal defense or family law case. Every criminal case is unique and only professional specialist who is experienced in assessing particular of a case can provide the needed representation. Attorneys can do many things to represent you such as:

  • They can negotiate deals with prosecutors. They can arrange and reduce charges to a lesser sentence.
  • They can formulate sentencing program customized to client’s specific needs. They can help defendants avoid future brushes with the criminal justice system.
  • They can help defendants face their own fear such as self-esteem, embarrassment, and anxiety. Nobody likes dealing with criminal charges no matter how knowledgeable they are in law matters.
  • They can also provide clients with objective perspectives on their situations. They will provide information of what is going to happen in the trial. They will also guide the clients of what best thing to do.
  • They are very familiar with important legal rules so they can take advantage of that. They can use their own knowledge to find opportunity to lessen the sentence of the defendants.
  • They also understand the possible hidden cost of pleading guilty. If clients defend themselves, they will have difficulty in finding the hidden cost.
  • They work dedication so they won’t mind spending time dedicated to the client’s case. They are willing to gather needed information to help clients dealing with the case.
Attorneys for Criminal Defense

Attorneys for Criminal Defense

It can be concluded that attorneys play such a great role in helping clients to deal with criminal defense and family law matters.

What to Do When Involved In Criminal Defense or Family Law Matters

Criminal case is not something new in our daily basis. In facts, lots of people commit criminal acts no matter what the reasons behind them. Even though you have watched lots of news about criminal cases, it doesn’t mean you are not going to be involved someday. It is possible that you are being charged with crimes. When this happens, you will need to use criminal defense which can prevent you from being punished partially or totally. If you are defendants, it is always the best to obtain a lawyer. Moreover, a lawyer can represent criminal defendants especially when the possible result is a jail or prison sentence. You can’t defend yourself without the assistance of a lawyer in this case.

Family Law Matters

Family Law Matters

Why you need a lawyer to represent you

It is possible to choose self-representation when you are being charged with crimes. However, it is such a difficult task to do because you might not know everything about law when lawyers do. You may find information about criminal laws in books but not everything can be found there. You can read those books and gain more knowledge. You may understand more about how the law works. However, you cannot understand all about criminal law just through reading some books because the practice is different.

Family Law Matters

Family Law Matters

That is why you will need someone who have skills, knowledge, and experience in law field who can help you with the charges. Besides, time is important when you are being sued or charged. You don’t have time to read books to understand first how criminal law works. Hiring lawyers or attorneys will give you a lot of help in dealing with the charges properly.

There are many factors that can navigate where the things flow when it comes to criminal law. Two of them are prosecutors and community pressure. You, alone, may not be able to face them during your court proceedings. However, they are powerful elements in criminal law. Prosecutors have power to determine whether to file the charges and what kind of charges is the most fit to file.

Criminal defense and family law lawyers can do many things to help you deal with the matters. They can negotiate deals with prosecutors, formulate sentence program based on client’s specific needs, provide defendants with a reality check, and many more. They are professional who can help you with the case you are involved in properly. Thus, you know what to do with their guide.